Saturday, December 26, 2009


Whenever I walk unaided in the gloomy and silent road,

I always sense that you are

alongside me holding my hands.

Whenever I shed my tears

I always feel that you are here to weep my tears.

Whenever I lose my expectations

I always feel that you are here to prop up me.

Whenever I close my eyelids

I always get image of yours in my dreams.

Whenever, wherever I go I always

feel that you are with me.

Whenever I start thinking it

starts with you and ends with you.

Whenever I try to illuminate

that whether it’s a nightmare or a realism

It always makes feel that it’s neither a

nightmare nor a realism its

nothing expect so called love.

Whenever I want to die I always felt

that you are trying to impede me.

How much I know that you are the only

one who leads my so called life.

You are the one who can transform

my darken life into a great life.

For a second I can’t stop thinking about you

because it would be the last day of my life.

I want you always be there in my vision because

without seeing you a second I can’t live my life.

I want my life to start with you and end with you.

Lead my so called life.


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